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Ashley Vincent

Ashley Vincent is a professional animal photographer. Whether freezing a moment of natural behaviour or capturing a glimpse of ‘true self’ and a feeling of connection through the eyes of his subjects, Ashley aspires to create images that rekindle childlike wonder and awe.

Ashley was born and raised in suburban London. Having lived abroad for 33 years, in 2014 he decided to settle back in the UK with his family and now applies his experience and passion to pet photography, which you can read more about on the other side of this website.

Accomplishing a life-long ambition to become a professional wildlife photographer, Ashley’s primary portfolio is a collection of images that capture the essence of African and Asian animals, both in their natural habitats as well as those he has worked with in private reserves, rescue and rehabilitation centres, and highly respected zoos, most notably Khao Kheow Open Zoo (KKOZ) in Chonburi Province, Thailand.

In 2011, Ashley and his wife were invited by the directors of KKOZ to open a photo gallery. With good relations established and developed, Ashley was given open access to photograph the zoo’s most vulnerable and endangered species in private sessions, particularly newborn animals that he would return to time and again over the months ahead to document their growth and development.

The resulting images were – and still are – used respectively by KKOZ’s education and marketing departments, in addition to photos that were donated for auction to the Smithsonian Institute, one of KKOZ’s collaborative partners on the Clouded Leopard Project, the world’s most successful clouded leopard breeding programme.

While many of Ashley’s photos have been licenced and published around the world, his most instantly recognisable picture is ‘The Explosion!’, which was awarded first place in the wildlife category as well as the overall Grand Prize of the 2012 National Geographic Photo Contest.

In due course, a return to wildlife photography is almost inevitable, so if you happen to be a fan, watch this space!

Working with Clouded Leopards at Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Chonburi, Thailand

2 - Ashley Vincent - Canon 1

3 - ashley-vincent-with-tiger-cub-500-

4 - Ashley Vincent - Canon 2

5 - ashley-vincent-with-lion-cubs-500

6 - Ashley Vincent - Canon 3

Working with Clouded Leopards at Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Chonburi, Thailand

8 - ashley-vincent-cockatoo

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