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“Ashley’s love of wildlife shows in his skilled photography. I’m always looking out for good African wildlife images and that way came across Ashley’s work many times. For those loving great predator shots, a visit to Ashley’s website is highly recommended!” – Ingrid Vekemans, Belgium

“What I love about Ashley’s photographs is that I can see the animal thinking.” – Paul Haston, Canada

“Ashley’s shots always capture my attention and tell a story. The awards he’s been given are the logical consequence of his skill.” – Alberto Carati, Italy

“I already knew Ashley’s photographs from other international photo galleries and the National Geographic website too. Ashley is an excellent photographer who shows us the beautiful creatures from countries in Africa and Asia in an outstanding way. I love his ‘wild’ gallery very much!” – Udo Dittman, Germany

“Ashley, I don’t know how you do it but every time you capture the essence, the being, the soul, the strength!” – Ellen Cuylaerts, Cayman Islands

“Ashley has spent much of his life chasing his dream. He now has one of the best collections of cat images on 1x which show his talents as a wildlife photographer. Thanks Ashley for sharing your wildlife images through your eyes.” – Peter Stahl, Australia

“There are many talented nature and wildlife photographers, there are a few who can consistently produce images that stand out. Ashley Vincent is among those select few. His photography has captivated my attention, I have learned from his images. His work has made me smile! I have become his fan!” – Nick Kalathas, USA

“Ashley is a great wildlife photographer. The pictures are just perfect, different from other wildlife photographers and he inspires us. He has his own style and this is great.” – Dalida and Andrew Innes, France/Australia

“I can’t say enough how your images have that ability to capture these beautiful creatures’ very heart and soul. Extraordinary work!” – Kimberly Ellis, USA

“You capture so much emotion and life in your images Ashley, I am constantly awed.” – Hali Sowle, USA

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