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Animal Therapists


Ruth Bryant – Equine & Human Sport Therapist

Ruth has been a registered sports therapist for many years, based in Basingstoke, Hampshire. She initially trained at the London School of Sports Massage (LSSM) gaining her human qualification and then went on to train with the Equine Sports Massage Association (ESMA), qualifying her to treat horses as well. Read more

Carol Collins – Affinity Canine Massage

Affinity Canine Massage specialises in Remedial Therapeutic Massage to help rehabilitate your dog from injury and release tight, painful muscles, knots, trigger points and restrictive scar tissue all of which can cause referred pain. Massage is a drug free, complementary therapy supporting the musculoskeletal system, providing drug free, affordable pain relief. Outstanding results can normally be seen within 1-3 treatments. Read more

Jo Morton Equine & Canine McTimoney Therapy

Animals suffer from back problems, just as we humans do. However, they cannot communicate with us easily and therefore it is up to us, as owners, to look out for signs of discomfort in our animals. If your horse or dog seems reluctant to exercise, has a reduced level of performance, an uneven movement or appears uncharacteristically lethargic or grumpy, it could be that they are suffering with back pain. Read more

Joanne Bell – Holistic Animal Care Practitioner

An Animal Wellbeing Specialist providing a natural approach for behavioural issues, recovery from illness or operation, nutrition advice, environment and lifestyle enrichment, end of life care and bereavement, and a whole lot more.

Trained and fully insured in natural healing therapies for animals and people, Jo uses a variety of tools, experience in human healthcare and training in animal care and behaviour, to devise a bespoke Read more

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