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Your Photo Experience

The Photography Session

The key to unique, relaxed images is the relationship between animal and photographer. For this reason time is spent building trust and allowing the animals to feel comfortable around us. Rather than rushing in with cameras, we allow them to satisfy their curiosity by sniffing and checking out the equipment whilst everything is set up. Only then the fun of the actual photography session begins. We love creating iconic images both indoors and out in the open, so the choice is yours! – and your pet’s!

Studio Style - £90

Perfect for portraits that capture particular expressions and poses of your cherished pet. Studio style sessions focus solely on them and provide the best opportunity to create crafted, posed images. We are fully equipped with professional portable lighting kits and backgrounds (min floor area of 6.5 x 6.5 ft. for black cloth or 9 x 6.5 ft. for white vinyl background). The session will last between one and half to two hours and is led by your pet at all times.

Alfresco Adventure - £90

A great way to capture the true nature of an animal is by accompanying them as they enjoy the great outdoors. We are happy to work with you to find the most suitable environment for the shoot. This can be a walk in your local woodland, a splash in a quiet stream or all the fun of the rolling hills; we discuss all the options beforehand and make the necessary preparations to our equipment. An Alfresco Adventure usually lasts between one and two hours, dependent on you and your pet.

Special Offer!

Not sure which type of shoot to go for? Perhaps you would like photos of your pet in both settings? As long as it is on the same day we are just as happy to offer both sessions for only £135.

The Developing Stage

Top notch photography is not produced by camera and equipment alone. Skilled photographers tap into their creative nature and utilise all that they have before, during, and after the shoot. Once the digital files are loaded onto a computer, we select the most outstanding images and edit and develop them to turn a good image into a great picture. We like to allow a minimum of two days to make absolutely sure you get the very best.

The Viewing and Selection Session

Once the finished collection is complete we will go through each and every photo with you to select the perfect images for your home. With so many presentation options available, a vital part of our service is in showing you the differences and helping you make the best choice for the space available.

Whether it be a stunning acrylic panel or an iconic Art Nouveau presentation piece, the perfect image is created for your home by dedicated professionals. All our pieces are bespoke and hand crafted to create the perfect finish.

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